Do Foot Massagers Improve Circulation? Here’s What You Should Know

Do Foot Massagers Improve Circulation? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’ve noticed blood flow problems in your feet lately, you might be wondering if any of the high-tech foot massagers on the market are worth trying. Many massage brands claim to help with a myriad of issues — but what about blood flow? Do foot massagers improve circulation? And if they can, how does it work?

Below, we cover everything you need to know about foot massagers and whether or not they can promote healthy circulation in your feet. 

What Causes Poor Circulation in the Feet?

Poor circulation can occur when your body’s circulatory system is hindered for one reason or another. There are many causes of reduced blood flow in feet, with the most common ones being:

  • Smoking: Nicotine can narrow your arteries and put stress on your heart, which can cause circulatory issues throughout your whole body.
  • High blood pressure: High blood pressure can also lead to the narrowing of the arteries, making it difficult for your heart to pump blood and oxygen freely. 
  • Diabetes: High glucose levels can also impact circulation by causing damage to the blood vessels over time.
  • Obesity: This is another common condition that could make it harder for the heart to pump blood to certain parts of the body.

How Does a Foot Massager Work?

Every brand’s foot massager will have a slightly different design, but they all generally have the same purpose — and that is to help you reap the benefits of foot massage at home. 

These products are simple to use and make massage cheaper and more accessible than ever. Even machines with a higher upfront cost are much more affordable than visiting a masseuse each week. 

To use some massagers, you’ll need to place your feet directly on top of the device. This might be a vibrating massage plate or another flat surface. Other massagers require you to place your foot inside a designated spot, almost like you’re putting on a stationary pair of boots.

The device will then use kneading, oscillating, or vibrating motions (and occasionally heat) to provide restorative benefits to the feet. 

So, Do Foot Massagers Improve Circulation? 

Let’s answer the question, “Do foot massage machines improve circulation?”

In 2014, researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago found that massage could boost blood flow and even lower muscle soreness in athletes. Another study found that foot massage could help increase blood circulation and ease stress in middle-aged women.

Foot massage machines knead pressure points in the feet, which helps stimulate blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to the tissue. However, certain brands of massagers may be more effective than others when it comes to boosting healthy circulation. 

So, when you’re looking for a massager for this specific purpose, you’ll need to make sure you pick one that’s high-quality.

How Can You Find a Good Foot Massager for Circulation?

When it comes to good-quality foot massage machines, cheaper isn’t always better. 

The lowest-priced options can often leave your feet feeling even more sore than when you started. If you’re on the hunt for a foot massager for circulation, be sure to look for a physician-trusted device. Additionally, choose a machine that has a variety of speed and pressure options so you can set it to suit your unique needs.

How Often Should You Use a Foot Massager?

How often you use a foot massager completely depends on you. It’ll also depend on whether or not you have any conditions that massage may interact with. So, before trying a foot massager, be sure to get the okay from your doctor.

Once you’ve got the green light, a good rule of thumb is to keep your massage session within the time limit that the brand’s instructions recommend. That could mean 30 minutes twice a day, or ten minutes several times per day — every device is different.

In any case, you won’t want to overuse the foot massager or put so much pressure on your feet that it causes pain. Generally, a few minutes per day is often enough to give your feet the healthy boost of blood flow that they need.

Ready to Improve Your Blood Flow With a Foot Massager?

Foot massagers can improve circulation using kneading, oscillating, or vibrating technology. But not all devices on the market are made equal. 

Some massagers knead too forcefully or put too much painful pressure on your feet. That being said, it’s key to spend some time researching so you can find an option that best suits your feet health and needs.

The MedMassager Foot Massager Classic is one physician-trusted, customizable device that can help you improve the blood flow to your feet. Its vibrating technology mimics a massage therapist’s hands to stimulate and relieve tension in your foot tissue. Best of all, it’s trusted by wellness-focused customers and medical professionals around the world. 

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