Warranty Terms

Within the applicable coverage period, we will repair or replace your massager. In order for MedMassager to provide proper warranty support, you may be required to provide proof of purchase documents, as well as any warranty purchase documentation. You may also be asked to provide MedMassager with specific information regarding symptoms, failure or defect that prompted the request for warranty service.

If, during the warranty period, you decide to sell your unit, the remainder of the extended warranty may be transferred to the new owner by notifying MedMassager in writing. Such notifications must include complete address information for both the original owner and the new buyer.

All MedMassager Factory warranties are subject to the following conditions: Coverage on all Extended Warranty plans begins on the original product purchase date . Warranty must be registered within 30 days of product purchase. These warranties are limited to 3 full replacement events during the life of the warranty. After 3 full replacement events, your will be charged $59.95 per repair event. These factory warranties do not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse, accident, the attachment of any unauthorized accessory, abnormal wear and any other conditions that are beyond the control of MedMassager. MedMassager shall not be responsible for any type of incidental, consequential or special damages. This includes but is not limited to those implied warranties of fitness and merchantability, which is limited in the total duration of one year from the original purchase date. You will be responsible for all shipping costs to and from the repair facility. These plans are not valid on products used for commercial purposes, public, rental or communal use.